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As the fastest growing and most cost-effective online acquisition channel, influencer marketing has proven itself as an effective way to drive results with companies both big and small. The brands that are already implementing influencers into their marketing strategies are seeing returns of up to $6.50 for every dollar spent and 11x the ROI of a standard digital campaign.

AspireIQ Influencer Marketing Academy

What you'll learn

  • How to set influencer marketing objectives that complement your existing marketing initiatives
  • The best strategies for increasing brand awareness, sourcing high-quality content, driving website traffic, influencing sales, etc.
  • Things to look for when choosing influencers to work with and actionable ways to find them
  • How much you should be paying Instagram influencers
  • How to create contracts and manage payments
  • How to measure and share campaign ROI
  • Examples of high performing influencer marketing campaigns
  • And much more...

10 Interactive Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Introduction, Defining Your Influencer Marketing Objectives
  • Lesson 2: Building Your Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Lesson 3: Getting Organization-Wide Influencer Marketing Buy-In and Budget
  • Lesson 4: Creating Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Lesson 5: Finding the Perfect Influencers For Your Campaign
  • Lesson 6: Connecting and Negotiating With Influencers
  • Lesson 7: Determining How Much to Pay Influencers
  • Lesson 8: Managing Influencer Relationships
  • Lesson 9: Determining Campaign ROI
  • Lesson 10: Wrap Up, How to Take Influencer Marketing To The Next Level

Who is this course for?

Social media managers, marketers, business owners, and other executives that:

  • Could benefit from added online engagement, brand awareness, and sales

  • Know they should be doing influencer marketing but haven’t explored it yet or are finding it difficult to scale

  • Feel overwhelmed by managing influencer relationships

  • Find it difficult to track campaign performance

  • Don’t know where to start when identifying influencers to work with

  • Are struggling to prove the value of influencer marketing to the rest of their team

Insights from the pros

Shane Barker is an accomplished digital marketing consultant. From working with celebrities on digital reputation management to obtaining a #1 national ranking with PROskore as a social media consultant, Shane has built an impressive list of accomplishments in digital marketing.

Shane Barker
Influencer Marketing Expert

Magda Houalla is the Lead Brand Strategist at AspireIQ. Magda focuses on crafting high performing influencer marketing and content distribution strategies for existing and prospective clients. Before AspireIQ, she was the Head of Influencer Marketing at a digital photography startup.

Magda Houalla
Director of Marketing Strategy, AspireIQ